Through connecting clients and customer touchpoint via chat, "DECAds" delivers one-stop support ranging from "Digital Marketing", to "E-Commerce", to "Customer Care", all aimed at realizing "full-funnel communication", an integrated communication concept covering customer acquisition, purchase support and after sales support.

Our Services

Providing Digital Marketing, E-commerce and Contact Center integrated services 

 Integrated Marketing Services                 

 Channel-integrated Communication Services                  

 Data Management Platform Services and Consluting     etc.      

DEC Service Map

transcosmos Digital Marketing・E-Commerce・Contact Center (DEC) services blend the "Real" and the "Digital" world together and deliver various multi-dimensional customer communication services to clients. Our DEC services accelerate clients' marketing innovation.

DMP (Data Management Platform) Services

Private DMP, a closed environment, is essential in delivering data-driven, scientific channel integrated communication.
transcosmos DMP services help businesses to integrate data across every possible channel, visualizes the results of analysis by machine learning and BI tools, and ultimately helps clients smoothly connect the data to external systems including autonomation tools.

Our Advantages

The best mix of DEC services tailored to each client helps them achieve their goal in BtoC communication such as to “build awareness” and “provide customer support”. Ultimately, our end-to-end support enables clients to boost the value of customer experience in the smartphone age. Our DEC services help clients optimize operations by leveraging cutting-edge technology and AI to expand sales.


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