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transcosmos effectively assist clients' corporate functions to improve their business processes.

Our services

Assist clients' corporate functions to improve their business processes         

● Labor Dispatch Service

● School-enterprise service outsourcing

● Recruitment process outsourcing

● Personnel agency (salary settlement and agency, individual tax declaration), etc.

Recruitment & Selection

On-job Management

Employment Risks

l Job requirements and analysis

Talent acquisition & qualifications review 

l Interviews and recruitment reports

l Interview process management

l on board management

l Assessments and background checks

l Onboarding procedures

l Re-employment Services

l Induction and on-the-job training

l Salary calculation and payment

l Social Security Provident Fund Payment

l Employee Relations

l Employee benefits design and distribution

l Attendance Management

l Performance evaluation and improvement

l Resignation and conversion interview

Staff activities


l Cost of withdrawal during the probationary period due to incompetence

l Retirement costs and resignation compensation for project cancellation

l Replacement work and provision costs during pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation

l Batch exit costs and downtime costs

l Cost of work-related injuries and non-work-related injuries

l Labor disputes and litigation costs

Product Categories

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