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System Development

Specialty in software development, module customization, system integration, as well as operational maintenance

Under the information age, business relies on advanced IT system regardless of gaining control on operational management process, expand business and maximize revenue by collecting and analysis information, as well as managing product and customer information.

Crossed-platform with seamless connection in between digital mobile terminal and a leading, efficient, unique, specify software systems, help to develop the company and take lead in its market competition.

transcosmos China owned a qualified and strong capability management and R&D team, the team enriches with software design and development experiences, especially in system solution, software development and outsourcing services for domestic as well as international clients. We serve variety of ITO services, such as software development on different platforms, system integration, operational maintenance, client support, etc.

Our Services

Providing all-in-one solutions including system maintenance and system development 

 Contact Center Solution                   

 E-Commerce Solution                 

● Smart Platform Solution                

 Other services on system development, docking and maintenance  etc.    

Call-center One-stop Solution   

Customer contact center system with integrated functions

The contact center system developed and owned by transcosmos has successfully served with the world Top 500 Fortune customer service center, implement and manage uniquely on multichannel like Call, Email, SMS, Online Chat etc, whenever, wherever possible.      


E-commerce Peripheral System Solution   

Multi-platform E-commerce, unifying client assets and cooperative operation management
Gain buyer and order, accumulate E-commerce elements via third-party platforms like Tmall, JD, YHD while launching independent E-shop, enhancing user experience, managing membership and data mining.

Gaining different type of customers, carry out cross selling, unify and automate order processing on multi-channel, fully support while building-up own and third-party warehouse by equipping business model with multi-channel and multi-platform.         


System Integration Service   

Comprehensive service advantage, building up IT basic integrated service    
Offering secured, reliable and practical solutions ranging from low voltage services to IT basic environment. Additionally, help enterprises managing internal info, behavioral management, security management, file encryption, etc. or any other commercial related solution.    


System Development and Maintenance Service   

Implement TCO optimization
Effectively using previous achievement along with different type products info and solutions combine with latest technology such as Cloud and mobile devices etc. to construct the most suitable IT environment based on client’s needs, optimally implement TCO.


Intelligent Platform Solution   

High Quality, low cost and flexible development
We owned 300 Smart-phone software engineers, proficient in numerous system languages like AndroidNative(Java), iOS-Native(Objective-C), Windows 8(C#,VB.NET), HTML5, and PHP, able to compatibly meet customer's various smart systems development needs.


Our Advantages   

Comprehensive Request Analysis, Emphasize on User Experience, On-demand Customization   

We owned a professional system development team, who able to provide deep analysis on customer's needs, offer comprehensive service and support during system development: defining needs, provide consultation, creative on UI design, selective platform, software development, quality check and assurance, support and maintenance.   


To the product, we are also specialized on re-designation, data integration and migration, adaptable to latest and advanced technology   

Introducing the best suited support and project management team, offering high-level qualitative consultation at preliminary and clarifying request for our client, thus present the ideal solution to our client.  


Our specialist team proficient in Chinese, English, and Japanese, able to get global support from all transcosmos divisions, capable in communicating with local and international clients, as well as offering multi-lingual data and report.        

transcosmos Group Company

transcosmos Information Creative China                     

Provides unparalled high quality development at low cost.                     


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